Nature photography

Nature photography

How to overcome the difficulties of nature photography











Capturing the beauty of nature within an image is a wonderful thing to be able to do. However, at times the natural environment can be quite difficult to photograph due to lighting, movement and unpredictable weather conditions. Lighting is one of the most prominent things, that will affect the photographs you take, so knowing how to work with this is important. Morning lighting is generally soft and gentle, whereas the light during the middle of the day will be at its brightest. If you want to take atmospheric photos with an air of mystery to them, then early evening is the best time for you. Night scenes can be very spectacular, especially if bright lights are involved. Although this does take a significant amount of skill to get right.

One thing that can be very unpredictable in nature is the weather. Unfortunately, if it is raining hard then it is not a good idea to take your camera out as you risk it being damaged. So it is a good idea to simply wait indoors, playing partypoker¬†or video games until the weather clears up. This is why you should check the forecast before heading out on a photography expedition in nature, as you don’t want to be caught off-guard.

When photographing wild animals, this is another time when you cannot predict what will happen. The best thing to do is to use a fast shutter speed, so that if they move the image will not come out blurry. Be as quiet as possible, trying not to startle them or disturb their environment. If you can construct a small hide that blends into your surroundings, you have a good chance of seeing some wild animals, providing you are willing to be patient.


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